Kids Active

Welcome to Kids Active, a benefit of your membership of Early Childhood Ireland.

This programme is free to access for members and their staff.


The Kids Active programme has been developed to support providing more opportunities for active play, to help more children, become more active, more often. Kids Active aims to enhance both the quantity and quality of children’s movement, and helps to develop the habit and enjoyment of physical activity.

Fundamental movement skills can be defined as a specific set of skills that involves different body parts such as feet, legs, trunk, head, arms and hands. These skills are the “building blocks” for more complex and specialised skills that children will need throughout their lives to competently participate in a variety of games, sports, or just for fun, from the playground right up to adulthood.


The programme consists of five modules and in total, the five modules take around and hour and a half to complete. You can do the programme in a group, and this can be a good way to support discussion and refection, as a team. However, to ensure that each participant gets a certificate of completion, each person must register and complete the modules on a separate device.


To register, click here and have your member number to hand. You can complete the programme one module at a time or complete it all in one sitting. Your progress will be saved, and certs will be issued once the programme is complete. To ensure that each staff member receives their individual cert they must log-in separately, with their own name.

If you are having any problems with the course, please email and we will direct your query to the appropriate department.