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Learn and Lead: Supporting Every Leader

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  1. Leadership Theory and Research
    A Brief History of Leadership (In All Sectors)
  2. Modern Concepts of Leadership - Shared and Distributed?
  3. Pedagogical Leadership
  4. Practice of Leadership
  5. Importance of Leadership
    Quality Assurance
  6. Who is a Leader in the Early Years and School Age Care? Who Shows Leadership Practice?
    Leadership Roles
  7. What is Leadership Practice? What are Examples of Effective Leadership in the Early Years and School Age Care
    Effective Leadership Practice
  8. Leadership Development in the Early Years and School Age Care
    Creating the Environment to Empower Leadership
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A Brief History of Leadership (In All Sectors)

March 25, 2024

Leadership research is multidisciplinary, drawing on psychology, business and management, sociology, organisational behaviour, and education

Leadership is a constantly evolving concept, being impact by:

  • How new technology and financial challenges are reshaping businesses and workplaces.
  • What recent discoveries in psychology and sociology tell us about human behaviour.
  • What it means to be a global citizen today, understanding different cultures and peoples.
  • How advancements in technology are changing the way we collaborate and communicate at work.
  • The growing importance of acting ethically and taking responsibility for our impact on society.
  • The changing expectations and preferences of newer generations as they start their careers.